As a biologist and a photographer, I have always tried to blend science and art to learn and show the Earth’s natural secrets. 

Having lived in the Canary Islands for many years, I worked closely with the University of La Laguna and the Tenerife Museum of Nature and Archeology, providing images to support the visual aspects of several scientific projects. I was also fortunate enough to produce a photo library of the most emblematic national park in the archipelago, task that culminated with the book El Teide National Park (Lunwerg S.L.). Both a photography and a technical book, this work gathers scientific information and a great collection of images that represent all the natural aspects of such an incredible volcanic land.

My photographs have been published in numerous magazines such as National Geographic, Birdwatch, GEO and the Spanish publications Quercus, Siete Leguas, La Tierra, Viajeros, Ronda Iberia, Azul Marino, El País Viajero or Visión Salvaje. And many of my best images have illustrated a variety of books, especially related to the natural environment of the Canary Islands: El Hierro Giant Lizard, La Gomera Giant Lizard, The Canary Islands National Parks, The Nature of the Canary Islands, Hot Coals of Life, Horizons, Garajonay National Park, or Canary Islands Wildlife. 

I have never stopped travelling around this incredible world, but life surprisingly brought me to British Columbia, Canada, another paradise to explore and photograph, and a new door to awe and joy.

Photography has been a passion for my entire life, and I simply love every aspect of it. Searching for light and capturing moments became an obsession a long time ago, and I just can’t stop expanding my horizons beyond any particular discipline or technology. From the Kalahari Desert to the Rocky Mountains, the streets of Vancouver or the studio, there’s always so much to discover through the viewfinder of my camera or the screen of my cell phone.

All images © Diego L. Sánchezsite by Bluekea